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  1. 1. General provisions

1.1. The General Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided by AGENCIJA INT d. o. o., head office at Valjhunova 11, 1000 Ljubljana (hereinafter: Author), and/or for all legal relationships between the Author and the Client, with all terms and conditions referred to, provided, or proposed by the Client, except if the Author gives an explicit written consent for usage of different terms and conditions.
1.2. In the event of an order via e-mail or telephone, the Client is considered to have read the Terms and Conditions and to have given its consent.
1.3 To prepare an informative offer, the Client has to provide as much information as possible, i.e. text to be translated, language of translation, required proofreading, translation deadline, and other details as applicable. An enquiry or informative offer by itself is not considered a confirmed order; an order confirmation using the purchase order (an official order includes either an order via e-mail or a purchase order sent by mail; original purchase order or correct purchase order form), or payment of service within the deadline and under the terms and conditions listed in the offer (generally in the form of a pro forma invoice), is required for an order to be considered valid. If the service is not paid by the deadline listed in the offer, or the purchase order is not sent, the service is considered not to have been ordered. In this event, your order will also be managed as an order on record. In such cases, regardless of any previous events, we will provide the services, but under new terms and conditions.
1.4. The character count is based on the source text, i.e. text to be translated.
2. Obligations of the Author and the Client
2.1. The Author undertakes to perform all services ordered in a quality manner and to the best of its abilities, knowledge, and capacity, and by the deadline specified. In the event that the service cannot be completed by the agreed-upon deadline, the Author is obligated to inform the Client in advance.
2.2. The Author provides no guarantee for the accuracy of information on website, which is for information purposes only, nor does it assume any direct or indirect liability for damages or any other liability for errors in translations or any other service rendered.
2.3. Translations are delivered to the Client in one copy, via e-mail, on a CD, or as printed documents. Unless otherwise specified, the Author shall deliver translated material by e-mail.
2.4. The Author guarantees the strictest protection of Client’s official and business secrets in the delivered originals, for interpretations and translations, and is not entitled to disclose them to third parties under any circumstance.
2.5. The Client undertakes to appoint a contact person, if so requested by the Author, which the Author can contact in the event of any confusion regarding the terminology, or which will provide additional target-language literature in accordance with the Author’s capabilities. Otherwise, the Author shall use the literature available.
2.6. The Author recommends proofreading for all translations to be printed. The Author assumes no liability in the event of any complaints regarding non-proofread texts that have already been published in print or mass media. Proofreading services can be ordered from the Author at a later time.
2.7. Unless explicitly forbidden by the Client, the Author is entitled to list the Client in its references. The Author safeguards all received information on the Client in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. By confirming the offer, the Client is considered to have approved the use of such data also for purposes of statistical analysis and information on new offers. If the Client wants to opt out, it can submit a statement to this effect upon registration.
2.8. After the service is completed, the Client should review the delivered translation. The Client is entitled to submit a written complaint within eight (8) days of delivery. In the event that the Client misses the statutory deadline for filing a complaint, the Author does not consider the complaint. In the event of a larger quantity of translated pages (over 100 translated standard pages), the Client is entitled to an extended complaint deadline, but no more than 30 days after the service completion. In the event that the Client misses the statutory deadline for filing a complaint, the Author does not consider the complaint. We do not guarantee the quality of translation performed per Client’s request in an unsuitably short period.
2.9. All listed and agreed dates and hours for delivery or translations, or dates and hours for completion of translation or other services, are merely approximate. The Client cannot reject delivery of translation or performance of service and cancel the contract for any delays in delivery. The Author is not liable, under any circumstance, for any consequences due to delay in delivery of translation or performance of service.
2.10. The Client shall send the text to be translated in a format that allows editing. If the format does not allow editing, the Author is not responsible for the loss of source-text formatting.
3. Pro forma invoice and conclusion of contract
3.1. Cost assessment and prices listed by the Author are not binding. The Author reserves the right to change the price and terms and conditions of delivery if the Author did not have access to the full text to be translated before the offer was prepared.
3.2. The deadline for translation is determined upon receipt of text. The translation time does not include weekends in holidays, the date of the order and the date of delivery.
3.2. If the Client verbally or in writing accepts the Author’s offer, or accepts the Author’s written receipt of Client’s order confirmation in the event that the Author did not prepare an offer, this represents a conclusion of contract.
3.3. The Author can regard any natural or legal person ordering a service as a Client, except when this person explicitly stated that they are acting on behalf or for the account of a third party, whose name and address will be submitted to the Author upon performance of the order with proof of approval of said third party.
3.4. Any agreements and commitments made by a representative or employee of the Author are binding for the Author only when the Author confirms such agreement in writing.
3.5. In the event of doubt regarding the Client’s solvency, large orders, orders by private or foreign Clients, and in other cases when the Author deems it necessary, the Author is entitled to request an advance payment or full payment in advance, before the performance of order. Natural persons must fulfil their obligations in advance without exception.
4. Prices of services and special discounts
4.1. Service are charged in accordance with the applicable Author’s pricelist on the date of conclusion of contract, or in special cases in accordance with the prices determined by a special written agreement with the Client.
4.2. The prices listed in the pricelist do not include VAT and apply exclusively for translations. All additional services, such as text formatting, proofreading, and similar, are charged separately in accordance with the Author’s decisions.
4.3. The minimum accounting unit for written text is 1 standard translation page. One standard translation page equals 1,500 characters without spaces (character count).
4.4. Regular business partners can be given a permanent discount in accordance with a special service-level agreement.
4.5. For large text quantities, additional discounts can be granted.
5. Payment
5.1. The Client is obligated to pay the agreed-upon amount for services rendered within eight (8) days. The payment is made exclusively to the Author’s current account. In the event of late payment, the Author shall charge statutory late payment interest.
5.2. The Client can use the translated text only after the invoice issued by the Author for the translation has been fully paid. Until the invoice is fully paid, the translation and all copyright to the translation are held by the Author. After payment of the invoice, the copyright is transferred to the Client.
5.3. If the Client wants to cancel an ordered service before the agreed-upon deadline, it can do so only by a written notice. In this case, the Client is obligated to settle all costs accrued by the Author due to the Client’s cancellation.
5.4. Legal persons are invoiced after the service has been completed. In the event of large orders (Author’s discretion), the payments terms and conditions are agreed on a case-by-case basis.
5.5. In the event that the Client failed to settle its obligations after an overdue reminder, the Author is entitled to use all legal measures for enforcing the debt (court proceedings, engagement of third parties, etc.).
5.6. The minimum order for one language is one (1) standard page.
5.7. A 10% surcharge applies when the material to be translated is not in electronic form.
6. Final provisions
6.1. Any potential disputes between parties shall be resolved by the competent court in Ljubljana.