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Our team

Our team is composed of young but experienced individuals that will manage all your translation projects according to your wishes. In addition to translators, proof-readers, and interpreters, our team includes the following members:

Matija Kovač


Team Matija

Marko Hozjan


Team Marko

Matevž Šušteršič


Team Matevž

Špela Koželj

marketing assistant

Team Špela

Matija is the co-founder of Jezikovna Agencija and an important member of the team. He is a Bachelor of Sinology and a professor of geography by education, but a jack of all trades and technology enthusiast in practice. He is proud of his team of co-workers and teachers, but even more so of his family. He spends his free time in nature, preferably under full sails on the waves and in good company. You can always contact him if you have any questions or suggestions.

Marko is an economist that can never stand still, which is why he manages several companies and organisations. Even though he is not a linguist, he represents an important part of Jezikovna Agencija and collaborates on strategic and sales matters, making the team of Jezikovna Agencija all the stronger. He is still actively learning German, saying that it will not be the last language he learns – recently, he’s shown a growing interest in Swedish. For several weeks every year, he’s absent from the office because he’s enjoying the view of the azure blue sea from a sailboat. His superpower is the ability to be in multiple places at the same time.

Matevž is a Master of Administrative Science by education. Soon after completing his studies, he ventured into the world of languages. Even though he is not a linguist, he has earned much experience in the field of translations. He is an excellent organiser and always sees new challenges when facing problems. He likes to spend his free time in nature, primarily mountains, where he also finds the time to think about new projects. He is knows amongst his friends primarily for his willingness to lend a helping hand, which is also reflected in this professional work.

Špela has loved foreign languages since she was very young, studying English since third grade, and has started an intensive Russian training course a few years ago. She is currently studying marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana, and likes to run and dabble in photography in her free time. Her greatest passion is traveling and getting to know new cultures. She is currently learning Spanish, German, and Russian.

Veronika Zajc

head of customer support

Team Veronika

Sara Žitko

translation manager

Team Sara

After living in Italy for a few years, Veronika returned to Ljubljana because of her love of foreign languages, and found a new family in the team of Jezikovna Agencija. She likes to spend afternoons in nature with her puppy Suri, and together they run 30 km every week. She absolutely loves an Italian espresso and risotto alla parmigiana.

From an early age, she loves discovering the hidden corners of the world. This is almost certainly due to the fact that she has Slovenian and Dutch blood running through her veins. In her free time, she loves reading literary classics from around the world and watching documentaries, particularly those about nature. Her superpower is the ability to learn a new language in fifteen minutes.