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Matija Kovač

co-owner of Jezikovna Agencija

A certified translation is an official translation and is as such legally valid abroad, and can be used as the original. Certified translations at Jezikovna Agencija are performed by certified translators, appointed as permanent court interpreters by decisions issued by the Ministry of Justice. A certified translation is composed of the source text and its translation into the target language. Finally, a court interpreter certifies with a statement, stamp, and signature that the translation matches the original..

Our skilled team of court interpreters will be glad to provide a high-quality and prompt certified translation. At Jezikovna Agencija, we provide certified translations of contract, business document, annual reports, personal document, medical certificated, school certificates, diplomas, work permits, and other documents.

Download the Phrasebook

The Phrasebook is a booklet with most often used English phrases used in conversation with clients. It will help you communicate with clients from abroad.

How are certified translations done?

Discover the 5-step procedure our team uses to ensure a perfect certified translation of every document.


1. Step 1: Document analysis and offer

On step 1, you submit the texts for a certified translation. We recommend that you deliver the documents in person or send them by regular mail, as certified translations require a certification by a court interpreter. After we receive the documents, we convert them into a format that allows us to perform a character count, which is the basis for calculating the number of standard pages. Based on the subject and the deadline, we then prepare a final offer for the translation and certification of the translation.

Step 2: Order

After you receive the offer for a certified translation, you have to confirm the offer before we start the translation process. You can confirm the order for certified translation by mail or e-mail. We start the certified translation in a few minutes after receiving your order confirmation.

Step 3: Translation by court interpreter

Certified translations are performed by a court interpreter with a licence for performing certified translations. If you are a regular customer and are happy with the certified translations done by a specific translator, we can arrange to have the same court interpreter translating all your documents.

Step 4: Review and binding of translation with the original documents

After the certified translation is completed, the quality of the translation is checked. The review is performed by a person specialised for the subject matter of the translated document. After the review is completed, the translation is printed and bound together with the original using a notary cord, and stamped.

Step 5: Translation delivery

We will notify you once the certified translation is completed. If so agreed, we deliver the certified translation. Alternatively, you can pick it up in person at our offices.

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