Marko Hozjan

co-owner of Jezikovna Agencija

Interpretation is the process of communication of oral or sign language between speakers of different languages. It has two categories: simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. An interpreter is a person converting a source-language meaning or expression into a comparable target-language meaning. Our experienced interpreters will strive to convert every semantic element (tone and register), purpose and impression of message that the source-language speaker communicates to the source-language listener.

In addition to court interpreters, Jezikovna Agencija also employs trained interpreters for meetings and conferences. The price depends on the language combination, number of interpreters, location, and complexity of the topic. Jezikovna Agencija can provide interpretation services wherever you need.

Download the Phrasebook

The Phrasebook is a booklet with most often used English phrases used in conversation with clients. It will help you communicate with clients from abroad.

How are interpretations done?

Discover the 5-step procedure our team uses to ensure a perfect interpretation.


Step 1: Enquiry

On step 1, you submit an enquiry for interpretation services. To prepare an offer for interpretation, we need the following information: where you event will be held, what type of interpretation you require, the language combination and duration of interpreting, and the subject matter of discussion to be interpreted. Based on all of the above, we will prepare an offer to match your needs.

Step 2: Order and selection of the most suitable team of interpreters

Once we receive your order, we start with the selection of the most suitable interpreters. Interpreters are chosen based on your listeners and the subject matter of the interpretation. We then send you the final offer with all included additional costs, such as transportation and accommodations for interpreters.

Step 3: Subject matter analysis

Before the start of interpretation, it is recommended that you submit the texts and available documentation (timeline, written speeches, etc.) related to your event. This allows our interpreters to better prepare for the event.

Step 4: Organisation of interpretation

On the event day, we make sure all interpreters are present at the event and ensure a smooth interpretation process. We take over the entire organisation of interpreting, which includes transportation or accommodation for interpreters in direct vicinity of your event.

Step 5: Interpreting

At the event, we make sure all interpreters are present and ensure a smooth interpretation. We guarantee that all interpreters will always be well prepared and will perform their job in an expert and professional manner.

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