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At Jezikovna Agencija we primarily providetranslation servicesfor all types of texts, as well as , certified translationsproofreading and interpretation services. Check out the links below for our pricelists.

We assure you that we will safely handle your documents and make sure that only authorised people have access to them. We will reply to any enquiry within the hour, thus ensuring that you do not waste your precious time by waiting for a quotation. We will make sure to provide a favourable price and a translation according to your wishes. For a precise quotation, we recommend you send the text, so that we can perform an analysis and provide an offer with the final price.

For a quotation, send an enquiry to, or submit it using the forms below.

Translation pricelist

At Jezikovna Agencija, we provide translation services into over 95 global languages. Click the link below for the translation pricelist.


Interpretation pricelist

We provide interpretation services at conferences, business meetings, dinner events, etc. Click the link below for the interpretation pricelist.

Proofreading pricelist

At Jezikovna Agencija, we provide proofreading services for all types of texts. Proofreading is done exclusively by native speakers. Click the link below for the proofreading pricelist.

Certified translation pricelist

The team of certified translators provides translations into all European languages.Click the link below for the certified translation pricelist.

Tips booklet for ordering translations.

The tips booklet for ordering translations contains the most important information on what you need to pay attention to when ordering translations. The tips booklet will make your ordering process much easier, and will also lower the cost of translation.

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