Interpretation pricelist

Sara Krevl

head of administration

At Jezikovna Agencija we consider interpretation equally important. Interpretation is a complex process, which makes the price of interpretation services depend on several factors. The price depends on whether the interpretation is simultaneous or consecutive, where the service is conducted, how many interpreters are required, and the number of language combinations.

For simultaneous interpretation, it is necessary to provide the equipment and usually several interpreters. For consecutive interpretation, one interpreter is generally enough, and you also do not need any equipment, as interpretation is done in real time.

In addition to interpretation services, we also provide translation proofreading in certified translation

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Interpretation pricelist for the first language group

Interpretation pricelist for the second language group

Interpretation pricelist for the third language group

English, German, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian

Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Macedonian, Hungarian

Portuguese, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Romanian, Greek, Chinese, Arabic, and other languages of the Indo-European language group

Price of interpretation

As low as €100.00 per hour

Price of interpretation

As low as €115.00 per hour

Price of interpretation

As low as €120.00 per hour

The accounting unit for interpretation services is 1 hour. Our minimum accounting quantity is 30 minutes. A waiting hour is accounted separately. The costs of transportation, equipment, and accommodation are not included in the price.

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The Phrasebook is a booklet with most often used English phrases used in conversation with clients. It will help you communicate with clients from abroad.

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