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With proofreading services provided by Jezikovna Agencija, you ensure the consistency of text in terms of grammar, style, and terminology. Proofreading is a professional skill, performed in Slovenia by professors or Bachelors of Slovenian language. They are called proof-readers. In most cases, proof-readers correct mistakes of grammar and style in the translation, making proofreading a necessary step in the translation process. Proofreading of source-language texts is also quite common – even Slovenian texts, as we often fail to detect our own mistakes.
Our proof-readers check your text in detail and make sure that it is flawless, as it should be. Foreign-language texts and translations are checked by our team of native-speaking proof-readers. All our proof-readers are distinguished by attention to detail, experience, and excellent knowledge of grammar and style rules.

At Jezikovna Agencija, we provide proofreading services for various types of texts in Slovenian, as well as other texts written in foreign languages, such as technical texts, literature, diploma and master’s thesis, websites, printed texts, and other types of texts.

Tips booklet for ordering translations.

The tips booklet for ordering translations contains the most important information on what you need to pay attention to when ordering translations. The tips booklet will make your ordering process much easier, and will also lower the cost of translation.

How do we proofread your documents?

Discover the 5-step procedure our team uses to ensure a perfect proofreading of every document.



Step 1: Document analysis and offer

On step 1, you submit the texts for proofreading. You can use our application TAIA to upload your document, or send it by e-mail, deliver it in person, or send it by regular mail. You can also order proofreading as an additional service to translation services. After we receive the documents, we convert them into a format that allows us to perform a character count, which is the basis for calculating the number of standard pages. A standard page is a Slovenian translation standard and equals 1,500 characters, spaces not included. Based on the subject matter, quality of the text, and the deadline, we include an appropriate discount and prepare a final offer for proofreading services.


Step 2: Order

After you receive our offer for proofreading, you have to confirm the order. You can confirm the order using our TAIA system or in writing by e-mail. We start proofreading in just a few minutes after receiving your order confirmation.


Step 3: Proofreading

Proofreading is performed by a proof-reader who is a native speaker of the subject language and who has the appropriate education. If you are a regular customer and are happy with the proofreading done by a specific proof-reader, we can arrange to have the same proof-reader in charge of all your proofreading orders.


Step 4: Quality check

After the proofreading is completed, we perform a quality check. The review is performed by a person specialised for the subject matter and fluent in the subject language. If needed, the reviewer consults another proof-reader.


Step 5: Delivery of proofread text

After the text is proofread, we will submit the text with visible corrections using the TAIA system or via e-mail.

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