What is TAIA?

TAIA - translation system

Matija Kovač


TAIA is a modern application for document translations.

It allows you to submit a file for translation, choose the basis characteristics of your project, and confirm the order after the quotation. TAIA automatically processes your order and makes sure that it is sent to the best translators.
While our team is translating, you can track the progress of the project, staying informed at all times about the final delivery. Once our translation is completed, your files are securely stored on our servers, available for a secure download at any time.

TAIA is primarily intended for companies that frequently order translation services. Modern companies that need quick, inexpensive, and quality translations are our primary clients.
We based the TAIA system on the translation system developed in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation, company Translated, Maine University, and Edinburg University, with financing provided by the European Union. TAIA ensures a quality service, the quickest possible processing of your text, and the safety of your data, since all documents are stored on a secure server.

TAIA is a modern cloud application, ensuring quicker and safer translations at a lower cost.

Check how you can optimise translations of your documents.

Save time, lower costs, and ensure quality translations and security of your files.

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Automation of procedure

TAIA is an interactive application
simple and safe
ordering and delivery
of translation files!


Automation of procedure

We manage our project using the  zero-email policy. This means that your files are stored securely, are always encrypted, and never leave our secure servers throughout the process.

TAIA automatically manages the project, analyses the documents, and prepares the offer. Instead of 36 hours – the average response time in a traditional translation agency – you will receive an offer from Jezikovna Agencija in just a few minutes, as the entire procedure is automated and our project managers only supervise the entire process.
TAIA also makes sure that your files are stored in a safe, encrypted server environment, with the entire translation, proofreading, and quality control process conducted within the system. This means that your files never leave the secure environment.

Integrated translation procedure

Project processing is done automatically. Because of savings on manual project management, translations are delivered more quickly and at a lower price!

The process of translation in a traditional translation agency is generally managed manually by project managers. The client sends an enquiry to the agency by e-mail, the project manager in the agency manually checks the documents, prepares an offer, and sends it back to the client. Once the client confirms the offer, the project manager starts looking for suitable translators, usually by sending the client’s documents by e-mail to all potential translators. Once a translators takes over the project, they load it into their translation application, or translate it without a translation application, using a regular word processor. The documents are then once again sent by e-mail back to the agency, from there to a proof-reader, then to quality control, and finally back to the client.
In the traditional procedure, documents are exchanged many times, and all files are transmitted via e-mail. Different translators also use different applications, and often do not use translation memories.

Translations are done in the integrated translation tool, which allows simultaneous work of several translators and proof-readers. Furthermore, translations are supported by a neural network technology, which ensures unparalleled speed and quality of the translation.

The entire translation procedure is supported by the latest neural-network technology in machine translations, with all collocations saved in the smart translation memory. Thus ensures unparalleled quality and speed of your translations.

Nasveti, kako ceneje do prevodov.

The tips booklet for ordering translations contains the most important information on what you need to pay attention to when ordering translations. The tips booklet will make your ordering process much easier, and will also lower the cost of translation.