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Translation is a process of communication of meaning from the source language into the target language, which must consider linguistic and cultural characteristics. It is important that the process of translation does not lose the meaning of expressions that have different connotations in different cultures. In translating, it is therefore essential to be aware of the differences between the source and target language, as this is a prerequisite for a suitable and understandable translation. At Jezikovna Agencija, we provide translation services for all types of documents from diverse fields. We are primarily specialised for:

Our advantage is that we provide translation services into over 95 global languages and collaborate exclusively with tested and qualified translations, thus ensuring the highest quality of translation services at competitive prices. Work with us and also save on time, as we can provide a translation of up to 10 standard pages (1,500 characters without spaces) in 48 hours. We provide translation services for various fields of expertise, such as economy, medicine, computer science, law, mechanical engineering, tourism, science, and marketing.

Tips booklet for ordering translations.

The tips booklet for ordering translations contains the most important information on what you need to pay attention to when ordering translations. The tips booklet will make your ordering process much easier, and will also lower the cost of translation.


How we translate your documents?

Discover the 5-step procedure our team uses to ensure a perfect translation of every document.


Step 1: Document analysis and offer

To start the translation project, you first need to send us your text or document to be translated. You can use our application TAIA to upload your document, or send it by e-mail, deliver it in person, or send it by regular mail.

Using our system, we convert all documents into a format that allows us to perform a character count. The number of characters in the text to be translated is the basis for calculating the number of standard pages. A standard page is a Slovenian translation standard and equals 1,500 characters, spaces not included. Using modern translation software, we they perform a detailed analysis of documents, which shows the number of repetitions in the text. Based on repetitions, the subject, and the deadline, we then prepare a final offer for translation, which also includes any potential discounts.

Step 2: Order

As soon as we receive your order confirmation, our team assigns the translation project to appropriate translators and proof-readers using the TAIA application.

Translation of your text thus begins within 1 hour of order confirmation!

Step 3: Translation

Translation is done by the translator with the most experience in the relevant field of expertise, who can ensure the completion of translation on time.

Regular clients who are satisfied with their translation team also have the option to always use the same translators for their projects. Such an experienced team is well aware of clients’ demands and their specific vocabulary. Using modern translation tools integrated in our TAIA application, we eliminate the possibility of errors in translated texts.

Step 4: Proofreading and review

Once the team of translators completes their translation, it is time for proofreading. The proof-reader is also chosen based on their proofreading experience of similar texts. Oftentimes, our clients also decide to have their source text proofread. The translation process is completed with a quality review – or check – of the translation. To ensure translation quality when the text is more challenging, the reviewer consults with the translator, proof-reader, and you – the client.

Step 5: Translation delivery

After completing the translation, proofreading, and review, we can also graphically design the document, per client request. All documents are thus delivered to the client with the same formatting as they were submitted for translation.

Translated, proofread, reviewed and formatted documents are sent by e-mail or uploaded to the TAIA application, from where you can safety download them to your computer. You can also archive them securely in our application free of charge.

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